ipura - "The Eco Queen"
4 good reasons to work with iPURA

1 - Enrich your professional skills

Innovative, patented cleaning process is carried out without immersion and without extraction of the load thanks to the injection technique with name “Jet Clean” which ensures quality by respecting materials.

It is possible to clean efficaciously and gently even rubber, resin coated garments and with several accessories and finishing.

2 - Less stress, better mood

It's time to think about iPURA, the SOLVENT SELECT dry cleaning machine working with a range of low environmental impact solvents that simplifies your daily activity allowing you to work in a simple way and in a cleaner environment.

Cleaning of garments with poor color solidity is successfully managed, thanks to special programs that prevent contamination of the solvent and other garments.

3 - Keep clean your solvent with a SMART technique at low consumption

In bath machines without distiller with direct filtration, the solvent cleaning is fully at charge of the filters that must be regenerated and replaced frequently.

On the contrary, innovative IPURA technique adopted always ensures clear solvent with filter that is efficient up to 700 cycles and over.

The other areas where dirt accumulates are managed simply and safely by the operator, punctually informed via the Touch Screen computer, about the maintenances to be carried out.

4 - Cut down your costs

No need for anchoring to the floor or connection to an external steam source.

The drying is realized by heat pump only without any additional heater, while, since there is no still, sludge is only found in the filter elements, which are easy and quick to replace, as well as to dispose at low cost.

IPURA patented technique dramatically reduces water and power consumption and overall energy requirement results very low.


IPURA is the flexible solution