- "The Range of Speed"
Result of an active collaboration with the Partner Multimatic iLSA Deutschland and presented as a prototype preview at the Texcare fair in Frankfurt in June 2016, Piuma series represents the most modern state of the art for "Soft Mounted" high-speed machines without any fixing to the ground with only 70 kg/m2 of dynamic load.

Piuma 320 Top Piuma 320 Top is
Thanks to DDC damping system, the extraction may reach speeds up to 830 rpm (350 G factor) and it is managed by “smart” functions with dynamic controls. The transmission of vibrations to the ground being virtually put to zero with no need for mechanical fixing.

Available in electric or steam version, the Piuma line guarantees the highest productions in small spaces, from 1.8 sqm only   to 2.4 sqm performing   a productivity of about 22 kg / h thanks to a total cycle time between 40 and 45 minutes*

* Double bath with distillation
Piuma N + SFA50 Piuma N + VD40 Piuma N + VD160 Piuma N + VD190
Piuma 320 N is
Piuma is manufactured in "standalone" version completed by integrated distillation in vacuum "Piuma Top" or modular version "Piuma N".



Piuma by ILSA SpA